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Welcome to Tajdīd — a team of expert educationists and career consultants in Kuwait. Our end-to-end consultancy services empower the next generation of leaders to pursue their best-suited degrees and enjoy limitless career growth. We are on a mission to enable 1 billion students to study in the best universities worldwide by connecting them to the best opportunities.

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350+ students have successfully pursued their dream degree with Tajdīd.

Meet Our Inspirational Leader

A Visionary CEO with a Passion for Education

Mr Imran Yousaf is the founder and CEO of Tajdīd, a global education consultancy on a mission to educate 1 billion students. With a background in Aerospace Engineering and extensive experience working with local and foreign higher educational institutions, Imran is committed to driving diversity, access, equity, and integrity in the university education journey.

Imran founded Tajdīd (formerly Ink Consultants) in 2017 and has since built partnerships with 250+ secondary and post-secondary educational institutions across the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Australia, and many others. He previously worked at the British Council for over 8 years as head of education, where he was responsible for G2G work, promoting academic and research partnerships, and managing many student-facing activities.

Today, Imran is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the education industry worldwide. With his leadership, Tajdīd is helping students from all backgrounds pursue their academic and professional goals with confidence and empowering them to achieve their dreams.

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Our Unique Approach

Why Choose Tajdid for Your Education and Career?

Tajdid is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible education consultancy services to students worldwide. We pride ourselves on our global exposure, expert team, and commitment to transforming lives through education.

Global Exposure

We have partnerships with 250+ universities around the world with full support; from admissions to acceptance and accommodations.

Expert Team

Agents and counselors at Tajdīd are certified by the British Council. With expert consultancy, we are helping students achieve their academic and professional goals.

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